Air Purifiers

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Air Purifiers

Make your washrooms both welcoming and hygienic with air purifiers

Our air purifiers not only make washrooms smell fresh - they also help remove any airborne bacteria and viruses such as flu, e. coli and salmonella.

We also provide comprehensive maintenance service to help keep your air purifiers in good working condition.

Expert Air Purifier Maintenance Service

We’ll assess your businesses requirements and help you choose the right air purifier to suit your needs.

We’ll also service your purifiers on a schedule which is best suitable for you so that we can carry out any maintenance work required. This will ensure your environment smells fresh and remains hygienic and well protected.

Our Maintenance Service

As part of our air purifier service we regularly refill your air sanitiser to ensure continuous high quality performance. This helping to:

  • Kill airborne and surface bacteria on contact.
  • Made from environmentally friendly active compounds.

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We provide the most comprehensive range of solution in the washroom services industry, so be assured that we can deliver a service which solves your businesses requirements.