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ECOBreeze is our unique triple-action air hygiene system which filters, cleans and fragrances the air within washroom environments.

Stale & stuffy air is pulled through the systems dust filter in order for it to remove the physical particulates in the air, and then the air is passed through an activated carbon filter to remove any malodorous airborne particles. The clean air then flows over a lightly perfumed wick, in turn, delivering a fresh and vibrant fragrance for visitors to enjoy.

The ideal placement for the ECOBreeze system is as close as possible to the main source of odour:

  •  Male Toilets - directly above urinals for optimum effciency
  •  Female Toilets - installed near the WC and close to entrance door
  •  Disabled Toliet/ Nappy Change - unit should be installed above the nappy bin


Environmentally Healthy - Non aerosol and non battery powered unit so reduces your businesses environmental impact

Health & Hygiene - The natural carbon filter cleans the air creating a more hygienic space

Legislation - Controls the escape of washroom odour in other areas of the building (in line with Workplace Regulations)

User Experience - Consistent fragrance and significant malodour reduction promotes a positive user experience