Entrance Mats

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Entrance Mats

Keep your premise floors safe and clean using our Entrance Mats

Our mats are specially designed to soak up dirt and moisture in your entrance and other heavy traffic areas. One of the main benefits of our entrance mats is that they provide a highly effective barrier, helping to stop grime from being walked or wheeled through your premises.

Apart from helping to reduce the effort and costs associated with day‐to‐day floor cleaning and maintenance, Initial mats also stop floors from becoming slippery, which help to reduce the risk of someone tripping.

The Benefits Of Our Entrance Mats

For mats to work effectively they have to be serviced professionally with specialist laundering — not just vacuumed.

Wornout  mats can be ineffective, unsightly and may potentially trip up visitors or staff. We work with you to understand your business requirements and also recommend the best solutions to protect your staff and premises.

Entrance Mats Service Process

Our Serviced Mats are regularly swapped for fresh replacements at a rate which suits your business needs. Other benefits of our entrance mats service includes:

  • Discreet collection service with no interruption to your business.
  • Specialist laundering ensures cleanliness.
  • Reliable delivery and professional installation.