Fighting Bad Smells In Your Washrooms

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Fighting Bad Smells In Your Washrooms

It can become difficult maintaining a consistently high level of hygiene within shared washrooms, especially during peak-times.

No matter how educated your visitors are on hygiene standards, most people will associate a bad smell with poor hygiene. Worryingly, washrooms perceived as unhygienic can drive up to a third of customers and visitors away, reduce the likelihood of return visits and reflect badly on a business reputation. 

Having a structured cleaning routine is an important step to maintaining a hygienic, fresh-smelling washroom environment.

This video introduces a selection of ideas to consider when looking to provide fresh and hygienic washrooms, at all times.

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Following each of the recommendations below will help you make your washroom environment more welcoming and hygienic:

  • Check and maintain your ventilation regularly.
  • Target bad smells with the right solution.
  • Adjust flush settings to your footfall.
  • Clean walls and all exposed surfaces.
  • Educate the washroom user.
  • Use effective disposal systems.