Paper Towel Dispenser

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Paper Hand Towel Dispenser

Make hand drying a priority and in an easy to do so way

Paper towels provide your washroom visitors with a convenient and hygienic method of drying their hands. On top of providing a sound paper towel dispenser product we also help to maintain and service the dispensers which will make sure you never run out of towels.

Benefits Of Our Paper Towel Dispensers

  • Variety of paper options to suit your requirements.
  • All papers used is environmentally friendly and compliant with Eco Flower or Nordic Swan accreditation.

Easy Servicing

Order scheduled deliveries of paper towels and make sure you never run out. We’ll assess your requirements and workout a schedule based on an assessment of your usage. We’ll also maintain the dispenser and ensure it looks good and is always in working order. The benefits of our maintenace service includes:

  • A delivery tailored to suit your exact requirements
  • Recommendations based on thorough in-person survey of your premises

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