Premium Scenting

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The Power of Scenting

Unlock the potential power of scenting

Improve you customer experience by offering an environment which helps create deep emotional brand connections using multi-scensory marketing. With Premium Scenting you can build on these scent memories, elevating your brand through experiential marketing.

Research has shown that if you trigger a response from two of your customer's senses, such as combining sound and visual, or texture and taste, a customer's experience is enhanced and brand engagement is multiplied.

The Potential Impact of Premium Scenting

Multi-sensory marketing enhances the customer experience, strengthens brand loyalty and is a key driver of revenue. It also has many other benefits which include:

  • Enhances the mood by creating a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Service is rated more favourably in scented environments.

  • Increases dwell time and boosts intention to purchase.

  • Encourages repeat visits.

  • Generates incremental revenue and boosts spend per customer.

Premium Scenting For Your Business

The power of scent and experiential marketing has been unleashed by many brand owners spanning a variety of business sectors. But how can it help benefit you?

Retail Brand Stores

Create a distinct and enjoyable atmosphere that is perfect for welcoming new and existing customers that will stay longer and return more frequently.

Shopping Centres

Transform your shopping environment into a desirable destination. Ensure your shoppers have positive experiences that enhance your reputation.

Food Retailers

Create a point of difference by including scenting as part of a multi-sensory customer experience that builds a stronger connection with shoppers.

Car Showrooms

Increase browsing time and ensure your showroom has the right ambience that helps increase customer dwell time, a key factor in the likelihood of purchase.

Hotels and Hospitality

Maintain high standards and deliver a memorable guest experience. Ensure your hotel stands out from the crowd and secure positive customer reviews.

Pubs & Clubs

‘Patrons choose venues for their ambience; and ambience is influenced by design, lighting, music and fragrance. A recent study found 91% of respondents would be affected by a pleasant smell.


Create an environment where customers will stay longer and return more frequently. Having a distinct and enjoyable atmosphere, customers want to spend more time in.


Become the airport of choice for business and leisure. Ensuring every passenger has a positive journey will build your brand and can even increase spend in retail areas.