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Restaurants & Bars

Retain customers by providing a safe and hygienic catering environment

We understand the hygiene challenges that food establishments encounter. We are on hand to provide a range of both products and services to ensure these issues are removed. As a result, this helping to improve and maintain a high level of hygiene within your premises.

At Initial, we take pride in delivering the highest levels of service to enable you to keep your establishment looking and smelling good. Most importantly, we help you provide a safe and hygienic environment to your customers and staff.

Benefits Of Using Our Hygiene Services

  • Enhance your image and support your good reputation, encouraging better ratings and repeat bookings.
  • Reduce staff absenteeism through sickness and avoid loss of revenue due to poor reviews.
  • Stand from your competitors.
  • Comply with food hygiene regulations.

Why Use Our Hygiene Services

Good hygiene is vital to the performance of your business and it applies to all areas of your premises, from washrooms and staff rooms, to serving areas and tables. We are committed to providing high quality washroom hygiene products and services that minimise the risk to your customers and staff alike. Other benefits of using our services include:

  • Award-winning washroom dispensers with integral antibacterial surface to support superior hygiene.

  • Hand hygiene solutions to support food preparation areas.

  • Beautiful, hand crafted Reflection range which enhances any décor.

  • Discreet and reliable service based around your requirements.

Q: Why should I choose Initial for my Restaurant or Bar?
A: Our ranges have been developed to enhance your washrooms and impress users but are also designed to be robust and easily cleaned and serviced to ensure they remain looking great and meeting your business need.

Find out more about our commitment to enhancing your hygiene and reputation.

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Our Signature range offers easy to maintain dispensers, with antibacterial surfaces to show customers you care.


Our range of hand sanitiser dispensers are designed for inside and outside washrooms.

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