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Scenting & Odour Control

Utilising the technology of air fresheners, air purifiers and scenting solutions inside and outside your washroom reassures your employees and visitors that your environment is both clean and hygienic. This resulting in your footfall feeling looked after, which will help create a positive impression of your business.

Our wide range of air hygiene and scenting solutions are designed to meet your businesses requirments, whether you are looking to neutralise persistent bad smells, or simply create a memorable and welcoming experience.

  • Air Fresheners provide a fresh and welcoming sensory experience.
  • Conceals transient bad smells.
  • Power and frequency of fragrances can be adjusted to suit your needs.
  • Perfect solutions for delivering fragrances in washrooms.

Air purifying is highly effective in places with lingering bad smells.
It eliminates odours by fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Leaves washroom smelling fresh and hygienic.
Portable solution available to enable use in targeted locations.

  • Scenting supports multi-sensory and experiential marketing.
  • It creates a memorable experience for your clients and visitors.
  • It supports your brand and delivers tangible business benefits.
  • Ideal for high-end locations such as lobbies, gyms, stores and shopping malls.

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