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Waste disposal solutions for your business

We ensure waste is managed safely and hygienically to the point of disposal while complying with legislative and environmental requirements.

Waste management solutions

Enhancing the facilities on your premises with the correct waste management solutions can give your customers and staff confidence that their needs are being taken care of and that you meet social, environmental and legislative requirements.

Businesses can help by providing facilities for the safe, discreet and hygienic disposal of waste products. As well as correct disposal units, clean and well-stocked handwashing and sanitising facilities are also incredibly important.

We understand the strict regulations surrounding the possession, storage and destruction of controlled drug stocks, and we can provide your business with all the necessary disposal methods to ensure you are fully compliant.

We are the experts in healthcare waste management, providing a complete collection, disposal and recycling service for hazardous and offensive waste.

Our sharps disposal service ensures your commercial business maintains a clean and safe environment without hassle and will help you prevent any unnecessary injuries..

Be 100% sure you’re disposing of all clinical waste compliantly and efficiently. Our clinical waste disposal service is a completely safe and cost-effective way of removing soft items such as bandages and dressings from surgeries, nursing homes and hospitals.

Keep up with all the hygiene regulations for your sector. Our specialists will provide you with comprehensive audit compliance advice, the right products and services, plus all the documentation and reporting information you need to stay compliant for the long term.

What to expect from Initial

All Initial technicians are highly qualified and trained. Our local teams across the Caribbean offer a wide range of global innovations and hygiene solutions to suit your business requirements

Hygiene expertise

Helping business to mitigate hygiene risks for over for over 90 years

Trust the experts

Local, accredited hygiene technicians.


Safe, effective solutions

A broad range of hygiene options to suit your business needs.


VIRUSKILLER™ air purifier

Reducing the risk of airborne transmission demands the best in infection control. VIRUSKILLER™ technology combines medical grade pre-filters with a UV reactor chamber to deliver clean air.

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