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How good hygiene impacts hospitality and hotels

How good hygiene impacts hospitality and hotels

Customers/ consumers in this day and age are increasingly aware, conscious and vocal about the hygiene standards they expect from businesses and the effects it can have on their health. Combine this with travel sites and rating sites, hygiene standards are having a significant impact on the hospitality industry and the reputation of certain establishments.

Good hygiene is vital when it comes to creating environments where guests feel comfortable, reassured and most important, happy. Overall influencing how your brand is perceived and usually acting as the make or break for those special reviews or feedback.

In the competitive industry of hospitality where everyone is a critic, where businesses fail or thrive by a rating or review, make managing your brand reputation a priority.

"The bathrooms act as hotel business cards, more than anywhere else, they are expected to fit the branded experience."

Latest research-based findings provide new insight on consumer responses to smell. Find out how Initial can help enhance your customer experience and build brand loyalty.

Service promise

Initial can provide a range of hygiene solutions to help aged care facilities ensure the safety and well-being of patients is kept to a high standard. By offering a range of flexible service contracts tailored specifically to the needs of your business, Initial delivers the highest levels of service, innovative solutions and customer care. We will install and maintain your hygiene solutions, manage consumbles, dispose of medical waste while ensuring that all the necessary hygiene and enviromental legislations are complied to.

Q: Why should I choose Initial for my Restaurant or Bar?
A: Our ranges have been developed to enhance your washrooms and impress users but are also designed to be robust and easily cleaned and serviced to ensure they remain looking great and meeting your business need.

Find out more about our commitment to enhancing your hygiene and reputation.