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How to improve hotel hygiene

Creating the right customer experience for all of your guests is vital. Just one poor experience can greatly impact customer loyalty, and make them less likely to return.

One of the best methods for influencing customers perceptions of your business is having hygienic facilities. Communal washrooms play a key role in turning a mediocre stay into an exceptional one, and could in turn, become the main aspect of a recommendation to friends and colleagues.

Hotel Entrances:

The entrance/ lobby to a hotel is usally the focal point for most hotel establishments, due to the fact that it is first impression of what to expect in their rooms. From the moment a guest walks through the door, the high brand expections are ignited. So it is more important than ever to provide a great first impression to all guests and visitors.

  • Set the ambience so your hotel stands out in comparison to others. Achieve this by introducing custom scents to esatblish a memorable experience and elevate your brand.
  • High quality floorcare enhances your brands reputation and adds an extra level of consideration for all guests.
  • Routine cleansing and prioritsing main communal areas with a high footfall.

Hotel Guest Rooms:

Germs can easily be transferred from the most bacteria ridden spots, such as the bathroom, to the rest of the hotel suite. This is mainly because of the fact that unhygienic surfaces are much more than just what is visible, it's what is invisible to the naked eye.

  • Make sure that all of the staff responsible for cleaning are fully trained and understand the importance of cross contamination. Ensure gloves are used when cleaning toilets and should be disposed of and replaced before any contact with any other surface or object.
  • High usage items such as remote controls, light switches and drinking glasses should be deeply cleaned to eradicate the spread of any harmful bacteria.


The importance of a good washroom experience is occasionally overlooked. By providing an excellent washroom experience could influence a hotel guest's overall attitude towards your brand for the good, enhancing their perception of the business, quality of service and standard of good hygiene it offers guests.

  • Ensure facilities are in place for the washing and drying of hands and sanitary waste disposal. No-touch solutions help minimise contact and reduce the transmission of germs.
  • Provide toilet seat cleaners to limit the number of germs spread from the ‘sneeze effect’.
  • Install air fresheners or air purifiers to maintain a pleasant smelling fresh washroom.

Kitchens & Food Preperation Areas:

Cross-contamination and spread of bacteria in kitchens can occur easily if proper hygiene practices are not put in place. Ensure that the right facilities are in place to ensure kitchen staff can keep the area clean by using the following tips:

  • Train staff on correct handwashing procedures and glove usage policies to minimise the spread of germs from hands to food and surfaces. 
  • Ensure adequate handwashing facilities are provided; well-stocked soap, paper towels and waste bins. No-touch solutions will help reduce the risk of germs spreading.
  • Disinfect work surfaces regularly to ensure cross-contamination is reduced.
  • Handwash monitoring solutions can increase handwashing compliance and ensure your staff are washing their hands according to the relevant protocols.

Leisure Facilities:

An unhygienic leisure facility area gives a poor impression to all visitors and can create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria which can directly affect your guests if not cleaned properly.

  • Ensure adequate handwashing and drying facilities are provided in the changing areas, with well stocked soap, paper or linen towels and waste bins. No-touch solutions will help reduce the risk of germs spreading. 
  • Hand and surface sanitisers provided at key locations will help minimise the risk of cross-contamination amongst hotel amenity users.
  • Bad odours give the perception of an unclean environment, scenting solutions can help counteract malodours.

Meeting Rooms:

With high human interaction and heavy usage, conference rooms and business centres in hotels create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. By providing clean business facilities creates a pleasant guest experience and reflects well on your brand.

  • Provision of hand and surface sanitisers will help protect guests within this environment.
  • Key locations which should be sanitised include: communal desks, remote controls, door handles and telephones.

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