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Pharmaceutical waste

Pharmacies & Chemists

We have developed a range of specialised services which support management and owners with the compliance of all regulatory controls relating to the management of pharmaceutical waste.

Pharmaceutical companies place their trust in us to provide an efficient and reliable waste management service. We have developed a range of specialised services which provide full compliance of all regulatory controls relating to the management of clinical waste. This in-turn helps create a safer environment for staff and visitors where pharmaceutical waste is produced.

Fully compliant pharmaceutical waste disposal

We understand the strict regulations surrounding the possession, storage and destruction of controlled drug stocks, and we can provide your business with all the necessary disposal methods to ensure you are fully compliant.

Regulations have required pharmacies to have Standard Operating Procedures for dealing with controlled drugs. These procedures must document the approved method for denaturing and disposing of controlled drugs.

Our fully trained operators are committed to keeping you compliant by providing high quality products and services, as well as delivering high levels of customer care to enable you to keep your organisation operating smoothly, hygienically and most importantly,

Find out more about our commitment to enhancing your hygiene and reputation.

Q: Why should I choose Initial for my Office based company?

A: Initial understands that good hygiene is vital to your business. Protecting employees and helping to prevent the spread of germs in the office can reduce illness and absenteeism. That’s why our Signature range with integral antibacterial technology is an ideal solution for office washrooms which is proven to reduce the spread of bacteria.

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