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Nappy Units

Expert nappy waste bins and removal service

Providing a both a safe and hygienic nappy bin service is vital for any washroom or baby changing facility. Our nappy disposal service is a complete solution that will keep your toilet and baby changing facilities hygienic and smelling fresh.

The unit itself is ultra-hygienic, discreet and is regularly serviced with highly effective deodorising bags which combat smelly odours. On top of this service, we also provide a comprehensive waste disposal service with every unit, so be assured that your toilet and baby changing facilities will remain operational and exceptionally clean.

Nappy bin

Our Signature Range Nappy Disposal Unit

  • Integral antibacterial technology to prevent the spread of bacteria
  • Easy to maintain
  • Slimline design and easy to fit in any room size
  • Concealed liner retainer to ensure the bag is out of view
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Dimensions: H 735mm x W 442mm x D 248mm
  • Weight: 3.7kg

Features Of Our Nappy Units Service

Be can rest assured that your nappy waste will be disposed of safely and hygienically. Our disposal service ensures you comply with all the necessary legislation. We’ll exchange your units on each visit and make sure you maintain consistent high standards within your washroom and baby changing facilities. The result is total comfort for your visitors, and total peace of mind for you. Other features of the service include:

  • Scheduled unit exchanges to suit your exact needs.
  • Replacement ‘BioSach’ odour neutralising sachet included in your service.
  • Fully compliant with local legislation – we’ll provide all the waste transfer documentation you need.

Find out more about our commitment to enhancing your hygiene and reputation.

Deodorising Sachets & Liners

As part of your nappy units service we use high quality supplies that deliver extra protection against bacteria and odours, including:

  • Sachets to deodorise contents inside the unit for constant freshness.
  • High quality unit liners to control odours and ensure contents flow out.

Contact The Washroom Hygiene Services Experts

We provide the most comprehensive range of solution in the washroom services industry, so be assured that we can deliver a service which solves your businesses requirements.

Q: Who will be fitting the equipment in my washrooms?
A: Our installation team will carry out the necessary work at a time that is convenient for you. They are fully certified and extensively trained technicians who will ensure your selection of products are fitted to the highest standards in your facilities.

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