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Cigarette bins

Maintain a clean environment with our Cigarette Disposal Bins. The stylish and sleek design with stainless steel finish allows smokers to safely dispose of cigarette butts that often cause problem in terms of waste, pollution and disposal. To make sure your environment stays clean and safe, our technicians remove the internal canister and replace it with a completely clean unit every time it gets serviced.

Dome Bin

• Wall-mounted or attached to a pole, it can adapt to many free standing designs.
• Its attractive dome cap features a circular ashtray area and three surrounding holes for easy cigarette disposal.

V-Shape Bin

• The stainless steel V-shaped design is practical for working environments or public places.
• While being easy to mount on walls it also has large laser cut holes for easy cigarette butt disposal.

Q: What business sizes do you cater for?
A: We operate throughout the country and serve some of the largest companies in Australia and around the world. We are scaled to deliver consistently high levels of service whether you are a small single site business or a multi‐site, multi‐national organisation.

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