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Reflection Range

Give your staff and customers the best possible hygiene protection and let your reputation shine.

Make an instant great first impression for when visitors walk into your washroom with our reflection range. With it being crafted from the finest grade stainless steel, the Reflection Range combines both a premium design with state-of-the-art hygiene technology. Finally, with it's robust and fingerprint resistant design, the Reflection Range is also effortless to maintain.

PLEASE NOTE: While we do not currently offer the Reflective Range in the Caribbean, but please send us an enquiry with your needs.

Innovative Style With High End Performance

Striking design

Created with the help of award winning industrial designer Aleksander Borgenhov, the Reflection stainless steel range features subtle geometric contours that are eye-catching and supremely hygienic.

Ultra hygienic

The Reflection Range isn’t just about aesthetics – all Reflection products feature smooth, rust resistant and crevice-free surfaces that actively discourage bacteria and make cleaning easier.

Engineered to last

The Reflection Range uses the same corrosion-resistant stainless steel used in the Eiffel Tower and the Empire State Building – so you can be sure it’s built to last.

Explore Our Reflection Range Products

Protects toilets and urinals against the build-up of uric scale and bacteria

Stylish unit designed to sit alongside your toilet roll dispenser – provides extra reassurance for washroom users

Simple, elegant and exceptionally hygienic

A stylish addition to the washroom that ensures good hand hygiene and stops the spread of germs

Automatically dispense welcoming fragrances into your washrooms – simple and hassle-free

Find out more about our commitment to enhancing your hygiene and reputation.

Work more efficiently:

choose exceptional maintenance All our products in the Reflection range are accompanied by a service that ensures that your toilets are equipped and always well maintained.

Everything is adapted to your needs, and your visitors will like it


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